Locations By City

Thank you for choosing to rent with us. We know you will enjoy your time with MRD. We have many different locations to choose from for selecting your new home. Our properties are spread out all over Michigan, so select one that best fits your housing needs.

Below is a list of properties by City.
AugresRousseau II Apartments989.717.3552
AugresRousseau I Apartments989.717.3552
Bad AxeAnderson Apartments989.293.5896
CasevilleHallack Apartments989.545.8500Ask about our $200 OFF
CheboyganMackinaw I Apartments231.627.7835
CheboyganChippewa Apartments231.627.7835
CheboyganMackinaw II Apartments231.627.7835
ElktonMitchell Apartments989.545.8500
GagetownRosecrans Apartments989.545.8500
GladwinFoster Apartments989.426.2002
Harbor BeachAdmiral Farragut Apartments989.293.5896$99 Security Deposit
Ask about our $200 OFF
KindeLincoln Apartments989.874.4900
KingstonKingsview Apartments989.683.2613
LexingtonAdmiral Porter II Apartments810.705.0643
LexingtonAdmiral Porter III Apartments810.705.0643
LexingtonAdmiral Porter I Apartments810.705.0643
Mackinaw CityWawatam Apartments231.627.7835
Mackinaw CityHuron Apartments231.627.7835
PigeonSigel Apartments989.453.2494
Port AustinCrawford Apartments989.738.6332
Port SanilacPope I Apartments810.705.0643
Port SanilacPope II Apartments810.705.0643
SanduskyStanton II Apartments810.705.0643
SanduskyStanton I Apartments810.705.0643
SanduskyStanton III Apartments810.705.0643
SebewaingDix Apartments989.883.3090
StandishVonsteinwehr I Apartments989.717.3552
StandishVonsteinwehr II Apartments989.717.3552
UblyLyons Apartments989.293.5896$99 Security Deposit
Ask about our $200 OFF
UnionvilleUnionvilla Apartments989.883.3090