Management Resources Development (MRD) provides a broad range of leasing and management services for our communities. A strong commitment to customer service is the hallmark of Management Resources Development’s business approach. MRD is the leader of the pack! We offer professional office and service personnel at each community ensure efficient and effective operations and response.

24/7 Service

Our exceptional service starts before you even move in. Before you ever set foot in your new home, we’ll go through it with a fine-toothed comb. Before you call it home, your apartment will pass a detailed inspection. If it’s not right we fix it before you move in.   But when something’s not right … Sometimes it can be a little thing, something that’s just qualityguynot quite right. Sometimes it’s more serious. Whatever it is, we want to make it right. And we want you to be happy ASAP, not next week. So we make this pledge: we will make every effort to have your service request completed within 24 hours. We will call and tell you when it will be completed. We’ll also fix it right the first time.   Every maintenance call is treated like a priority … From the moment you call, your concern is our concern. Your call will be answered by a member of our friendly, professional management staff. The information you give us will be recorded so we can track the progress of your service request to ensure it is completed quickly and professionally. And when the maintenance crew says the job is done, we call you to make sure you are happy with the way they did their job.    Our maintenance crew is friendly and professional … When maintenance knocks on your door, you’ll know who they are. If they enter your apartment for a repair when you’re not there, they hang a tag on your door while they’re inside so you won’t be surprised to find someone in your home. When they leave, they will leave you a copy of the service request and any detailed information regarding the status of the repair. They clean up after themselves. And they fix it right the first time.   An ounce of prevention … We do routine preventative maintenance to make sure you won’t have problems. We check for drips and leaks, all to make sure your home stays in tip-top shape.   24-hour emergency Maintenance … Your pipes freeze and burst. Yikes! Emergencies like this sometimes happen, and they don’t always happen between 9-5. Have a serious problem after hours? You call – we come, regardless of the hour.   Snow … Snow and ice are a fact of life in the Midwest . And while we like a good snowball fight as much as the next guy, we fight snow with a vengeance. We plow it, salt the streets and blow off the sidewalks. Whatever it takes to get you out and about.   We can offer maintenance service this good for 3 reasons: first, we built the place and we didn’t cut corners. Second, when someone moves out, we return the apartment to like-new condition. And finally, we have a top-notch maintenance crew. They know their stuff and they care. You’re paying for service and we’ll make sure you get it.